Lagazzi Paolo

Paolo Lagazzi, essayist and writer, was born in Parma in 1949, and currently resides in Milan.

He studied Literature and Philosophy at the University of Bologna and in 1974 graduated in Modern Letters with a thesis on aesthetics.

He has been dealing with ancient and modern literature, Western and Eastern, Buddhism, magic, music, cinema and painting. He has collaborated and collaborates with many of the most famous Italian and foreign literary magazines.

He has published ten of essay books, two of fairytales and one of stories. In 1994 he painted the poetical-pictorial anthology of monk zen Sengai Gibon entitled “The Wisdom of Zen Masters” and in 1996 he wrote the book “Moss and Dew”, an anthology that traced Japanese poetry from the beginning to the twentieth century.

He has written various poetry anthologies of Japan and for the “Meridiani” Mondadori the works in verse and prose by Attilio Bertolucci (1997), “The European Literature Civilization from Homer to Nabokov” by Pietro Quotati (2005) and, with Giancarlo Pontiggia, “All the Poems of Maria Luisa Spaziani” (2012).