Martello Patrizia


Martello Patrizia, born in Bevilacqua (VR) on June 5, 1954, residing in Verona at Via Locatelli n. 17, domiciled at her own professional studio in Verona at Piazza Bra 10


Graduated in Economics and Business at the University of Padua, Faculty of Verona, achieved in 1982 with a score of 107/110.

Enrollment in the profession of Doctor of Commerce obtained in 1986, awarded by the Ministry of Education.

Registered to the Auditors of Legal Accounts since 1995.

Enabling the function of Auditor of Local Authorities (Register at the Ministry of the Interior) – maximum level – from 2013.


Exercise the profession of Doctor of Commerce from the attainment of professional qualification.

Partners of Rubini & Partners, based in Verona, Piazza Bra n. 10, which uses stable collaborations with the professional facilities in Germany and the US indicated at the Studio website:

Administrative / accounting / tax consultant of various companies constituted in the form of capital companies, both Italian (located in Verona and the province, as well as in the territory of the Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Emilia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardia) Countries, particularly in Germany, France, Hungary and the USA.

Expert in corporate tax and civil matters.

Expert in Extraordinary Transactions of Companies and Groups: mergers, divisions, transformations, liquidations.

Member of the Board of Statutory Auditors currently in approximately 15 Capital Companies in the metal, chemical, commercial, food and real estate sectors as well as companies involved in credit institutions, including two securitization companies.

He has been a member of the Supervisory Board in a banking group company.

Enabled for the function of Auditor of Local Authorities (Register at the Ministry of the Interior) – maximum level. He has been and is Auditor of the Accounts at Municipalities.

Registered in the Register of Auditors of the Accounts from 21/04/1995 – Official Gazette no. 31-bis of 21/04/1995.

Auditor of the Historical Verona Philharmonic Academy.

Technical Advisor to the Civil and Criminal Court of Verona and to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Verona since 1990, with numerous civil and bankruptcy and criminal cases.

Technical Adviser of the Court of First Instance C. P. of Pordenone with numerous civil and bankruptcy duties.

Technical Consultant of the Party in numerous litigation in several Courts.

Chairman and Referee in Arbitration Colleges.

Curator of numerous Bankruptcy Procedures.

Judicial Commissioner of Procedures Quotation with assignment, prior agreement with the assignee, preventive agreement in continuity.

Expert in attestations for conciliation procedures, debt restructuring (ex Article 182 bis of the Italian Law and Article 67 L.F.). Expert in the preparation of questions of prior agreement, both liquidation and continuity, with the preparation of Concordat Plans and business plans of reference. Adoption of an application for admission under art. 2 D.L. 23/12/2003 n. 347 (L. Marzano) also with legal support activities.

Responsible for the Professional Study Membership for all contingency procedures, including those assigned to associates.

Judicial liquidator of some capital companies.

Additional annually worthy experiences

Technical Advisor to the City Council of Verona – Mayor Michela Sironi – with delegations to Heritage, Economic and Community Policies from February 2000 to June 2002.

Board member of AGEC (Town Hall Management Company with approximately 4,500 real estate units) of the City of Verona from 1994 to 2000.

Member of the “Board of Disciplines” of the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accountants of Verona, with the appointment of the President of the Tribunal of Verona from 2013 to 2016.

Component of the “Consult Consortium” of a Cooperative Credit Bank of the Veronese territory.

He was a member of the “Equal Opportunities Committee” of the Veneto Region until 2015.

Experience in the field of vocational training as a member of the Scientific-Technical Committee (consisting of a total of three members) of the “Young Project” of Unicredit for four consecutive years at the CUOA of Altavilla Vicentina for the selection of the top 150 graduates in Upper Institutes of the provinces of Verona, Vicenza, Belluno and Ancona.

Organizer of the first preparatory course to support the examination for obtaining the Licensing of the Doctorate of Commerce.

Organizer and / or Rapporteur of numerous professional technical conferences addressed to colleagues, lawyers, notaries, magistrates, national and regional level.

5 years experience in the teaching of Accounting and Banking Techniques at Corporate and Accountancy Institutes in the province of Verona and Rovigo.

Participation in cultural and social associations

Marisa Bellisario Foundation – President Lula Golfo.

ASSIMP (Imprimir and Professionals Association) of Verona and a member of the Executive Board of the Association.

AEREC (European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations), based in Rome – Via Sebino n. 11.

President of the “World Poetry Academy” sponsored by UNESCO, of which he is a founding member in 2001.

Founder and auditor of the Association “Friends of the Capitolare Library” in Verona.

Society A.N.D.E. (National Women’s Electric Association).

Lions Club member Verona Cangrande and Club President for the year 2005/2006.

Partner of the International Propeller Clubs Port of Verona and President of the Club from 2000 to 2012.

Society F.A.I.